Ya Mobu est. 2014 Creating art through community.  meaning “from Soil”  in Sotho

Born out of a necessity for jobs for the local woman on our farm, Ya Mobu seeks to create functional artworks.  Classical and timeless with a focus on natural materials (mostly clay) and the pure simplicity of the Free State Landscape – our home.

Net ‘n Kameel est. 2010 English translation “Just a Camel”

The name comes from a sentimental story of when my husband was a child… he didn’t understand the difference between a “kameel” (a camel) and a “kameelperd” (a giraffe and directly translated, a camelhorse) he ended up calling both a “kameelperd”. His mother explained to him the difference with pictures. “Hierdie is ‘n kameelperd (this is a camelhorse)”, she explained pointing at the giraffe. Then, singling out a picture of a camel, she explained that, “hierdie is NET ‘N KAMEEL (This is ONLY A CAMEL)”.  He ended up calling a camel “just a camel” or  “Net’nkameel”. I chose this name because it is personal…and my husband is really embarassed when i tell the story!

Wood, ceramics, copper and any inspirational materials are used to create easy-wear, unique jewellery.

Elizma Ingram est. 1984 – with a Fine Arts Degree and a background in education my heart is development…and of course beautiful things,  with a shift to the object or product in the last couple of years. These dreamt-up objects are created in my studio attached to our home – where our little baby boy grows up between the creative chaos.  Everyone is involved including my practical engineer husband who helps ground my ideas. 

With me, Little ‘Artists in training’ from the local farm school.

With me, Little ‘Artists in training’ from the local farm school. 

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